Find Your Ideal Flat to Rent

Looking for a flat to rent can be a lengthy and sometimes stressful process. There are so many criteria that your new flat needs to meet before you even consider booking a viewing; such as location, number of bedrooms, rental cost, furnished or unfurnished plus much more. UK1 take away a lot of the stress and pressure of finding your ideal flat to rent by offering an easy to use online search facility that will allow you to enter certain search criteria so that you donít waste time looking at many flats that donít suit your requirements.

This helpful search facility allows you to search by minimum and maximum price, minimum number of bedrooms, furnished, part or un-furnished, if parking is available and how long the flat has been up for rent. This will ensure that you find your ideal flat to rent in Manchester or Leeds and also allows you to find the latest flats that have just become available.

If you require any help when searching for flats to rent, our agents are always on hand. Give our agents a call on either 0113 2344111 (LS1 in Leeds) or 0161 2281877 (M1 in Manchester) to discuss your requirements.

Location of Flat Available to Rent

When renting a flat, its location will be one of the most important factors that will determine whether you decide to book a viewing. You may want to move closer to work or are just after a fabulous luxurious modern flat in the city centre. This is where UK1 can help. We offer a complete service for city centre living including sales, rentals, property management and interior design for residential developments.

LS1, which has been trading since December 2000 and specialises in city centre accommodation, had its first flat available to rent in Leeds during July 2001. Since then, the company has been going from strength to strength and now has some of the best top of the range flats to rent located in Leeds and Manchester city centres.

Visit LS1 to find city centre flats to rent in Leeds or M1 for city centre flats in Manchester.