Apartment in Manchester - Rent or Buy with M1

M1 are experts in renting and selling apartments in Manchester city centre. All of our apartments are decorated and design to the highest standard and offer you everything you would want in city centre living. We have a huge range of apartments in Manchester on offer including:

  • Top of the range Penthouse apartments
  • Converted city centre warehouses buildings
  • Riverside apartments
  • Luxurious studio apartments
  • Comfortable two bed apartments in the city centre

Over the past few years, Manchester has undergone a huge city centre regeneration, and much is still ongoing. Prestigious apartment buildings, trendy bars, cool shops and great restaurants are continually springing up all over the city. It is no surprise Manchester city centre has become a much sought after living location for young professionals and city dwellers alike; apartments in Manchester are in much demand!

Find Your Ideal Apartment in Manchester with UK1

M1 are at one with the city and the first port of call if you are looking for an apartment in Manchester. Based in a sexy retail space at 68 Whitworth Street West, our stylish office represents exactly what M1 is all about; we have a super smooth approach to our customers’ expectations of quality and style. M1 are also the preferred agents for the much desired Green Quarter Apartments in Manchester; a bustling development with a vibrant leisure and commercial scene in acres of water features and greenery.

M1’s life agents are experts in partnering their clients with the perfect apartment in Manchester. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients; we believe it is essential for providing the best possible service. So if you fancy experiencing the cool bars, restaurants and urban lifestyle that Manchester has to offer, or maybe you just want a shorter walk to work! Visit M1 apartments in Manchester or call 0161 228 1877.